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2884 East Thousand Oaks Blvd.                                  
Thousand Oaks, CA  91362
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We realize that you are busy and may be unable to stop by, please note that we are unable to display all of the products that we have to offer. If you do not see what you are looking for please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your request.


3 Inch Full Color Stained Glass metals, available in Gold, Silver or Bronze Finish.  Can be engraved on the back


       Gold              Silver            Bronze


     CEM 301                CEM 303               CEM 306


    CEM 310               CEM 312          CEM313


     CEM 316              CEM 318               CEM 319


      CEM 328            CEM 329              CEM 331



  2 Inch Full Color Metals available in Gold, Silver of Bronze Finish

  HTM-201               HTM-203            HTM-208           HTM-210       HTM-212


   HTM-213              HTM-216         HTM-217        HTM-218          HTM-219

    HTM-220             HTM-228          HTM-229          HTM-231         HTM-238

    HTM-248         HTM-250          HTM-253

 High Relief 2 Inch Medal - Available in gold, silver or bronze

Can be engraved on the back.

   HR700               HR705              HR710                HR715              HR720


   HR725               HR730               HR735               HR740               HR745

   HR750                HR755              HR760              HR765               HR770

   HR775                HR780               HR785              HR790                HR795

   HR800                 HR801             HR802                HR803

Sunray 1 1/4 Inch Medal - Available in gold, silver or bronze

Can be engraved on the back.



   SR400                 SR405             SR410               SR415                 SR420               SR425

    SR430                SR435               SR440              SR445                SR450

   SR455                SR460                SR465            SR470                   SR475                   

    SR480                SR485              SR493               SR495               SR500

   SR505                 SR510               SR601               SR602              SR603    

Sunray 2 Inch Medal - Available in gold, silver or bronze, 

Can be engraved on the back.


   SR805                SR815               SR835               SR840               SR845

   SR850                 SR860               SR865              SR870                SR875              SR900

Shooting Star 2 1/2 Inch Medal - Available in gold, silver or bronze, 

Can be engraved on the back.


    GOLD                SILVER             BRONZE


   ST58G                 ST59G               ST61G                 ST62G              ST63G

   ST64G                 ST65G                ST66G               ST67G              ST68G

Millennium-STM Medals - 1-3/4 Inch Medal - Available in gold, silver or bronze.  Can be engraved on the back.


       GOLD                   SILVER             BRONZE

    STM1200           STM1201       STM1202            STM1203          STM1205

   STM1207          STM1208            STM1209         STM1214         STM1215          

    STM1216         STM1218           STM1222         ST5M1223      

   STM1225         STM1228           STM1230       


All medals come with a red/white/blue ribbon. 

Please contact us  for a quote on your medal needs


Last modified: 06/30/12